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  Maasai warriors leading their cattle to market.


American Samoa Tsunami E-mails: On 29 September 2009 a magnitude 8.1 earthquake struck just off the coast of Samoa. This generated a tsunami which killed nearly 200 people, mostly children, in Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga. At the time I was in Atlanta helping with disaster relief for a flood but I left within a few hours of hearing about the tsunami and arrived in American Samoa after 52 hours in airports and airplanes. I was assigned as the Mass Care Chief for the American Red Cross. Here are some e-mails I sent home in which I wrote about my experiences. These were subsequently published by the St. Louis Regional Chapter of the American Red Cross.

  • Another Earthquake - 10 October
  • A Samoan Breakfast - 11 October
  • Going Native at the Hotel California - 14 October
  • How To Get Donations The Hard Way - 15 October
  • No Laundry For You! - 18 October
  • Disaster Supplies - 21 October
  • How Not To Wear A Lava Lava - 24 October
  • A New Village - 26 October
  • A Final E-mail - 27 October

This is a response I wrote to a journalist some months after my return from American Samoa.

  • Hope And Belief

This is a remembrance I wrote about a fire in northern California near Chico in 2008

  • The Girl with the Cornflower Blue Eyes

These are remembrances of my trip to visit my brother and his wife in Moshi, Tanzania in July 2009

  • A Breakfast Visitor
  • Drought At Lake Eyasi
  • To Learn Not To Cry

Remembrances of a Submarine Sailor

  • Another Rivet Gives Up The Ghost
  • Tears of the Rose

Other Stories

  • The Flag

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